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...Benton Street Bears...

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Maggie & Bunny Friend...  1 only
........a 7 inch bear made in a sparse, short German mohair, wearing a tea stained dress trimmed with antique lace.... 
Maggie is fully disc jointed, Poly/flock and glass pellet filled and features Ultra suede paw and foot pads, a thread nose and like all  'Benton Street Bears' & friends, is completely hand stitched...Maggie's Bunny friend stands 4 inches, is fully disc jointed and poly/flock only filled.

'Bumble Bee Bear'...Open Edition
...a 4 inch fully disc jointed bear made in short sparse 'Gold', 'Black' and 'Cognac' Mohair.  He has been filled with poly/flock and glass beads for a nice heavy feel. 
Eyes are black German glass, foot and paw pads are Ultra suede...... Also, features black glass tipped antenna and fabric wings which have been attached to his body with a button. Like all 'Benton Street Bears'....'Bumble Bear' is completely hand sewn, including accessories and will arrive with a swing tag and a money back guarantee...
$140.00 AUD... Open /Edition... Made to Order

Gaylon & Ted 2.jpg (33189 bytes)

Gaylon Golly & OldTed'...#2 in a series of 3
.......5 inch Golly, fully disc jointed and poly/flock and glass pellet filled.  'Gaylon' is made from Black Mini Bear fabric with Ultrasuede facial features.  'Old Ted' is also fully disc jointed with a wobble jointed head, poly/flock & glass pellet filled, Black German glass eyes and Ultrasuede paw & foot pads.  

'Rebecca'...  Series of 3 all sold
... is a 7 inch Bear made in a "Pale Gold" German Mohair. She is fully disc jointed and filled with poly/flock and glass beads, giving her a nice heavy feel. Eyes are black German glass, foot and paw pads are Ultra suede......  Rebecca was made to celebrate 2002's '100 yrs. of the Teddy Bear Anniversary 

Award winning Bear...Best in Category"


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